Chairman of the Board

Chairman Jorge Rabaso

Thank you for visiting the Hispanic Business Network website. This website is designed to showcase our members and what they do as well as present events that will improve our community at large.

Our group is based on membership. This is our way to get referrals from other members and improve our businesses. We also promote our signature events as well as our partner’s. We really believe in working together.

Our mission is Networking, Education and Charity. We know, for a fact, that we can have success in our lives if we help others, if we keep high standards and if we continue to be educated.

Most of us came from other countries with differing education and backgrounds. We needed to adapt, to learn and to settle down in this country and sometimes all that is not easily accomplished.

Hispanic Business Network is the right gateway for others communities to get involved in the Hispanic market, gaining the possibility to present products and services or meeting the right people.

I am extremely proud to be the Founder and Chairman of the Board of this group. However, this association is made up of a lot of people giving their time and ideas. We also have founded a bilingual Toastmasters´ group. We have been doing monthly Networking meetings for more than 15 years and we have learned that synergizing our efforts and ideas is the best way we can better achieve our goals.

We want to keep doing the best for the community. Let´s keep working together and growing even more. Let´s make a better community for all and for the generations to come.

Visit us, work with us, share your ideas and follow in our mission.

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